“Oh sure the view is nice, but when you realize what we’re looking out for, you wouldn’t think twice about deserting the army” – Dread Conclave Agent

The Melanesia territory is the near infinite number of islands that stretch from the Oceanic Straights to the Pacific Ocean. Most of the islands serve as strategic island forts, protecting the rest of the nation from The Broken. for the few islands that are inhabited, they serve as trading ports and settlements built on gathering resources


There are very few trading ports along the Melanesian islands, and for the few that do exist only serve as shipping trade ports to the various fortresses and docked fleets. Most of society is focused on the Eastern Sun army or the indigenous peoples of the islands.

Most of the indigenous peoples live in distinct tribes, either in the trading ports or in separate villages. While the natives do work well with the Eastern Sun and are often employed, ethnic battles are often between tribes of the islands.


The Eastern Sun faction did not open operations in the far half of Melanesia until after the conquering of Australia when The Broken began sending scouting ships to the islands. With no eastern defenses the entire nation was at risk and began constructing strategic watch points for security.

Capital: Jayapura
Climate Grassland, Mountainous, Tropical
Resources: Agriculture, Cattle, Minerals, Seafood


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