“I am a man of peace and content. But I swear on the Bruddha himself that if I see a Red loyalist walking the streets I’ll grab the closest fucking blunt object I can find and beat him to within an inch of Nirvana.”- Bruddist Monk

Khmer is the tropical territory belonging to the Eastern Sun that covers all of the Southeast Asian mainland. Once a peaceful land of agriculture, now the stage of a northern invasion from the Red Dynasty, hellbent on dominating all of Asia. The Eastern Sun has prepared their fleet of skyships and a large army of Eastern Sun Enforcers, Agents, local militants and “peaceful” monks to combat the invading forces. The clash of both factions has instilled a strategic stalemate for the time being.


The everyday life of a Khmer citizen is quite amicable. Outside of the few major trade ports and cities, the country side is filled to the brim with farmland and rain forest, with most towns and villages found occupying ancient ruins. This lifestyle still stays strong even after the ensuring invasion and massive influx of Red Dynasty refugees. With the only major battles coming from the northern border and eastern shores, all southern settlements still remain peaceful. Although the lands remain peaceful, all Dread Enforcers have been assigned to fight on the battlefront, and in their place the Eastern Sun faction has enlisted the help of Bruddhist and Daoist holymen to keep the peace and prevent any Red Dynasty loyalists from causing civil unrest. Since the invading forces not only wish to harm innocent people, but also massacre followers of their faith, both religious sects have wholeheartedly agreed to assist.

Though the citizens are well protected, the life of an Eastern Sun Militant is a dangerous one. Each member of the newly formed Dread Guard is assigned to prevent the Red Dynasty from invading the Eastern Sun. Each member of the armed forces come from very different walks of life.


The history of Khmer trails back to ancient ancient times , where the country side served as a battle ground for war between two ancient civilizations. During the mid 2nd age the Khmer lands were plagues by an army of roaming bandit commanded by various warlords and their witch queen. The bandit army’s influence was great, and the people were unable to counter the might of the witch queen. The Dread Conclave came to the lands in search of support, and were offered an alliance with the Witch Queen. For reasons unknown, the Conclave denied the alliance and fought against the bandit lords and the Witch Queen’s reign had ended much to the avail of the people. The Khmer region joined the Eastern Sun as their second territory.

Capital: Bangkok
Climate Grassland, Mountainous, Tropical
Resources: Agriculture, Cattle, Minerals, Relics, Seafood


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