“You haven’t lived until you’ve been to India. And if you want to stop living, go alone out into the jungle.” – Sourav Khan: Wilderness Guide

The territory of India has always been vital to the Eastern Sun faction, since it is rich in resources, trade and a large number of capable citizens. The cities boom with exotic energy (and goods) at all times of the day, welcoming all manner of travelers. The countrysides hum lazily with peaceful life. But in the wilds are great in archaic dangers that lurk from ancient ruins, putting risk to both ways of life.


Everyday life in urban India is filled to the brim with celebration, with festivals seemly run every week, held for the cornucopia of Karmi gods and goddesses. Though life is often celebrated, it is only by those of a livable caste, those of self-sufficient and above. The back streets are littered with the poor and sick, deemed unable to live amongst the other citizens they make due by plundering bazaars and trade shops to get by day to day. On the contrast, the aristocrats and well-to-do of India live lives of extravagant and excess, and are known even to the lowest of citizens.

The countryside of India is seemingly a calm and quite existence. It is rare to hear of any strife coming from citizens, except perhaps the sick and poor causing some trouble. But dangers from the depth of the jungles are prevalent. country roads have a great history of being stalked by strange creatures. Though the country side citizens can fend for themselves, and receive assistance from Dread Enforcers and mercenary groups, beasts have started attack more frequent and have even started to move towards larger populated towns.


India is rich with history, with ruins predating the new ages back to ancient times. During the 2nd Age India was ruled by A brutal Raj Lord whom oppressed his people. When the Dread Conclave fleet began to sail the Indian shores they offered the people a choice: live under your cruel lord, or let the Conclave help overthrow the government and form a new one. With the assistance of the Dread Conclave an bloody uprising was staged, and the Raj was killed. The rebellion leaders were offered seats of power on the Dread Conclave, and the Eastern Sun faction was given its first land.

Capital: Delhi
Climate Desert, Mountainous, Tropical, Temperate
Resources: Agriculture, Cattle, Minerals, Relics


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