“You call that a knife? This is a knife!” – Overhead pub patron holding a spoon

The territory of Australia is home to the core government and primary fleet of the Eastern Sun. Though the coastal upland and eastern coast regions are well civilized (the term is used loosely), the mainland thrives with all manner of untamed and undiscovered beasts and is rich with natural resources capitalized by the Eastern Sun faction.


Society in Australia is very flexible to both hedonistic and hardworking lifestyles, catering to both. Those who wish to earn their living have a wide variety of workforces to be employed in: working for the government or their fleet, trading, crafts and especially adventuring. Unemployment is far and few between though most jobs pay poorly, so more than likely citizens will either be self employed, work for the government, start mercenary or adventuring groups, or won’t bother working at all. During the nightlife the citizens have access to gambling houses, bars and prostitutes.

Though cheap thrills are easy to find, and most illicit activities are sanctioned, organized crime is evident in all areas of Australia. Assassination attempts, cattle thefts, arson and other attempts of anarchy, most of which seem to be directed at the Eastern Sun government. Rumors say that the old Pirate Lords, defeated at the hands of the Midnight Conclave are behind these acts, though that is just mere speculation.


Although Australia wasn’t decreed Eastern Sun territory until the late 2nd Age, it is arguably the most predominant of the Eastern Sun territories. Australia was home to a large portion of pirate fleets, run and executed by exiles and criminals from the European and Asian lands and the aboriginals whom always lived the land. It was here during the mid of the 2nd Age that a coalition of Pirate Lords grouped together and formed the Midnight Conclave with the goal of creating a world power. Pirate Lords excluded from the Conclave despised the idea of a united faction, and fought the Dread Conclave fleet. Though the losses were heavy on both sides of the struggle the Conclave left Australia, much to the avail of the other Pirate Lords. That is until the Dread fleet returned with larger numbers, and two newly formed territories at their ranks.

Capital: Darwin
Climate Desert, Grassland, Tropical, Temperate
Resources: Agriculture, Cattle, Minerals, Oil


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