Unified America

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“Out of Many, One” – State Motto

Unified America is the democratic nation situated between the two American coasts, comprised of the unified colonies still loyal to the American Nation. The nation is run by a congress, each member represented a section of the country, all lead by the President of Unified America: Benjamin Roselin. This free nation is home to a slew of races, and the number of immigrants from the old world and the orient is steadily rising. The Unified States is seen as strong, thriving and certainly more compassionate to new comers than its divided south.

In the mid 2nd Age Unified America began, un-unified, as a colony to the Brittani Empire, whose settlers chose to migrate to the New World. When the settlers first set foot on the new world they were greeted by the Native Elves, who taught the Settlers how to live off the rich land, this new friendship did not last, as the Brittani Empire directed the colonies to forcefully take the Native’s lands. Though the Brittani Empire chose to impose law, taxation and command over the Colonies, the settlers were not represented by the Empire, this lead to conflict between the New World Settlers. The settlers had no say in how to run their colonies, and the quarter of the citizens not from the Brittani Empire were tyrannically persecuted and mistreated by the state. During the late 2nd Age the taxation and persecution lead to protest against the Empire, headed by a legislature of colonial representatives called The Congress.

The Empire dismissed the Colonies’ demands and the political upheaval of the Brittani Colonies was set in motion. The Congress, organized the colonies and united them against the Brittani Empire in war and so began the American Revolution, between the Brittani Empire and the American Rebels. The Brittani Empire pressured Arcadia to war with the colonies, but instead pushed them to ally with the American Rebels. While the Brittani Empire had divine powers on their side, the American Rebels had a slew of foreign powers from all over the globe at their command, from the immigrants that came from all over the world. The Brittani Empire was not prepared for war, let alone war against light, dark, primal, arcane and physical strength. The people fought the Empire and won. After the war The Congress formed a union between the colonies, forming the new nation: Unified America. And this nation brought freedom to the New World.

Once the Turn of the Ages came the Unified American government sought to bring liberty to all citizens by abolishing slavery and slave trade, which was common in the New World. Though the northern portion of the Unified States supported the idea, the southern core opposed the movement. While the nation was in debate, the Lower Rockies erupted in an explosion of fire, and out its heart opened a portal from the Abyss pouring forth the denizens of hell. While the armies of Unified America could not hold back the hellish portal, an order of iron-clad preachers pushed back the demonic battalion. The holy-warriors were titled “The Awakened”, and believed that the second coming of Lux was approaching and that the world had forgotten Omnia. The Awakened having convinced the heartland that their ideals would save them, commanded the citizens to rebel against the government. When the Unified American Government went to war with The Awakened the southern region formed their own rebellion under the title: The Confederate. The Unified Americas suffered a loss of power from both sides waging war, though the Arcadians and Mexicanos joined ranks. Though Unified America kept the West Coast, Mainland and Mid-West America safe, the two factions broke of and became Gospeland and The Confederate.


In Unified America, Law is divided in separate



Population: 3,800,000
Government: The Congress
Capital: Capital City
Languages: American, Brittani
Religions: Church of Lux, Norca, Temple of Omnus
Alignment: Lawful
Organizations: Unified States of America’s Federal Intelligence and Detective Agency
Character Bonus: Insight +2, Endurance +2

Settlements and Features

Unified America

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