“And I saw a man of pure jewel stand faced to me, and he talked at me as if I was kin. I did not know if his presents was divine… or cursed.” – Crusader’s Notes

Shardminds are crystalline humanoids formed out of small shards of various gems, given life from ancient magic powers. Shardminds come in different shapes sizes and colors. Some Shardmind are bulky, others gaunt. Tall, short, round or slender mimicking the forms of human beings. Although the crystal body of a Shardmind is quite delicate a Shardmind doesn’t lose mass when damaged, as its shards orbit the body until the body is brought back under control.


In ancient times, the kingdom of Atlantis sought to create artificial soldiers to fight their wars, so they devised a plan to imbue solid crystal with life and form. These experiments ultimately failed without the essence of all living things, a soul. The kingdom then researched for a way to harvest souls and twist them to their will. During a large scale battle between themselves and the Lavant the Atlantians used a great machine called the Harvester to absorb the souls of the fallen and place them into crystal rock. The Harvester did not create new life though, it ultimately failed.

During early 2nd age, myths spread of a race of nomads made of rich stone, roamed the deserts of the middle east. During the crusade, a battalion of Templars came across a city carved into the face of a cliff. There they found a super massive community of crystal people, and a gigantic archaic machine the people believed was a tool of God. The Templars thought them to be abominations and sought to destroy them all. This lead to the Shardminds fighting against the Crusade at the side of the common folk.


While some Shardminds have left the middle east, a large portion still live in what is today, the Silk Accord. This sect still reveres the Harvester, treating it like the hand of God that gave life to the earth itself, though some have their suspicions. Even so the Shardminds have based their culture around their Religion.

Although the core of the Shardmind society still resides in the Shardmind city: Lavictus, many have left the city to venture the outside world. The ones that do leave the city often find work in banking, finance and academics. Most people associate that folk made of gems must know quite a bit about economics.


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