Religions of Gods

Ankhism – Pantheistic


Lawful Good

God of the midday sun, ruler of the sky and deity known as a man-falcon. He watches over the world from his throne, to ensure the Abyss never reaches the land. As god of the sun he represents warmth, growth and light. His devout worshipers are called the Children of Rah and follow his teachings:

  • I am Rah. I cultivated the lands. Hold my work dear.
  • I am Rah. My light will shine. All vile darkness will meet my radiance.
  • I am Rah. Just as life is made with beginning, life too must have an end. All souls must be judged, and all souls are judged in the afterlife.


True Good

Goddess of the nighttime sky, she is a massive bull like creature. She covers the heavens with her body to protect the Earth and Rah, to ensure that Paradise never falls to Earth. She represents shelter, protection and strength. Her scriptures dictate that:

  • The Earth is sacred and must remain taintless. Should the darkness ever seep into the lands, it must be removed.
  • Watch over the young. Nurture them, teach them and empower them.


Lawful Neutral

God of the gateway to the afterlife and jurist of souls. This god is depicted as a half man half jackal. He chooses which souls reach Paradise and which are sent to the Abyss. He represent judgment, punishment and forbidden knowledge.

  • All souls are judged for their crimes, no exceptions.
  • All souls are persecuted for their crimes, no exceptions.
  • All souls will meet an end, no exceptions.

Karmi – Polytheistic


Chaotic Neutral

Avatar of Paths, and the remover of Obstacles. Ganesh represents choice, safe travel and relief. He is seen as being half elephant half man with many arms. Traders and journeymen often revere Ganesh in the hopes that they will have safe travels. He is to be celebrated every summer on the first half moon and after every long journey by preparing a large meal.


Chaotic Evil

Avatar of Annihilation, and the ender of life. Keli stands death, destruction and mercilessness. She is dark skinned as is forever engulfed in hot flames. Often she is worshiped by mercenaries or bandits. She is to be offered a dead lotus or one livestock sacrifice when prayer is in session.


Chaotic Good

Avatar of the Auspicious, she symbolizes good fortune, meditation and purity. She is seen as a holy woman with her neck covered in snakes. Her worshipers are almost all common folk and pilgrims. Her holiday falls under the springs new moon, and is celebrated with aesthetic dancing and music.


Lawful Neutral

Avatar of the Universe, he represents time, sustenance and order. He is seen as a man with many arms, holding a wheel, hammer, shell and ball of light. His worshipers are usually spell casters and keeper of knowledge. His holiday is on the first snowfall of the year.

Mosque of the Crescent Moon – Monotheistic

Lawful Good

The Mosque of the Crescent Moon is one of the three religions of the following the god Omnia. It is the teachings of Omnia and his holy prophet Moe Abdul. The religions follows are taught to submit themselves to Omnia and and worship him only. The teachings of the Mosque of the Crescent Moon are found in the Book of Light and in it are the five laws that all followers must adhere to:

The Five Laws are as follows:

  • There is no god but Omnia and his word is law
  • You must pray to Omnia daily
  • You must practice charity
  • You must abstain from dark thoughts and wrongful acts
  • You must visit the Rock of God once

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Religions of Gods

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