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“You want me to write an entire encyclopedia on everything? Sure I’ll do it, but it’ll take some time.” – Beaker Drywall of Dimphwit Publishing Limited

The World of Earth

The New World

The Old World

World Religions

Religions of Gods

Religions of Life

Religions of Men

World History

World Races – Origins

  • Human – Europe
  • Dragonborn – Southeast Asia
  • Fanssen Elf (Eldarin) – Eroupe/Franss(France)
  • American Elf (Wood Elves) – North America/All Regions
  • Dwarf – Europe/Scotland
  • Gnomes – Asia Major/Nippon(Japan)
  • Orcs – Asia Major/Mongola(Mongolia)
  • Gnoll – Africa/All Regions
  • Minotaur – Middle East/Antolia (Greece)
  • Shardmind – Middle East/Syria
  • Tiefling – Human Born

The Cosmology

The Planes

The Items


*New World Creatures

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