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A Parliamentary Republic, Arcadia is made up of the central and western lands to the north, reaching from the Marian Coast to the Arcadian Shield and to the frozen tundra above. The diversity of this land is apparent, a cold desert, a flat grassland, a coastal shelf, a rocky mountain, and an enclosed wetland surrounded by a stone shield. These lands are rich with magic, seeping up from massive deposits of a new mineral called Manatite, this constant influx of magic has created a slew of strange and powerful creatures that graze the lands. This mineral imbued with arcane powers has attracted a great number of Spellcasters who seek to discover its mysterious purpose. Arcadia is a proud and prosperous nation, though often seen as meek.


In the mid 2nd Age, Arcadia began as a colony to the Brittani Empire when settlers first reached the frontier. The Brittani Empire wanted Arcadia to carve a foothold in the new world and expand farther than the Franss Empire, this demand for land had the Arcadians repeatedly going to war with the Franss Empire. This war with the Franss Empire made common allies of the Native Elves and the Arcadian people, since New Franss sought to expel the native from their lands. This alliance brought regulation to trade, settlements and land purchases on the frontier with the Aboriginal’s compliance. With the assistance of the Aboriginals the Arcadians were able to defeat the Franss Empire in a great number of wars leading to the Treaty of the New World, where Franss ceded a large portion of their land for Arcadia.

When the American Revolution began, and the southern colonies sought freedom from King Gregor’s rule, the Brittani sent the Arcadian nation to war. However a large portion of Arcadian people were sympathetic to the American Colonies and refused to be conscripted to war. When the people of Arcadia acted unruly the Brittani Empire started to impose various laws to keep the citizens abilities limited, and breaking these laws would lead to grave punishments. Arcadian colonials despised the idea of both war and restraint, no more so than the Order of Mages, a group of powerful Spellcasters who came to the land to mine for Manatite, then lead their own revolution against the Empire.

The Nation was split between the Empire Loyalists and their Armies and the Arcadian Settlers, the Order of Mages and the Aboriginals who sided with the settlers. In the late 2nd age the nation broke down into war, so titled the War of the North. During the midst of war the Brittani Empire, stretched thin fighting the Americans and the Arcadians, sought assistance from the Kébec nation, now cut off from the Franss Empire, in the promise of more land. Even with the combined efforts of the Kébec the Brittani Empire still lost the War of the North and the American War of Independence. The Arcadian Nation forged a new country lead by a Ministry of Arcadia who would seek to lead the frontier into a new age of freedom.


The Arcadian legal system is very similar to that of Brittani Law, having been once their colony. The Arcadian Constitution is the supreme law and all people must adhere to them. The constitution is divided into separate acts, each pertaining to its own area of law. These acts are Administrative, Arcane, Civil and Human Rights, Constitutional and Criminal Law.

The court system in Arcadia is run on a hierarchical level, all small cases are run in lesser courts, while larger more severe cases are run in greater courts. Should a case be so grand or controversial the Supreme Court of Arcadia may seek to run the case themselves. A court higher than a court handling a case may change that courts ruling.

In the cities and settlements, all law enforcement is run by state police. In the frontier order is kept by the Noble Arcadian Mounties.


During the late second age, when the Arcadian Settlers discovered Manatite and large number of Spellcasters flooded the Arcadian Shield in search of how to harvest and siphon these minerals. Although the minerals are brimming with Arcane energies, using these minerals to empower oneself has proven to be futile. However mages have devised a way to use Manatite as an energy source, used to power tools, devices and even mundane items.

While magic is not heavily regulated, spellcasters are still required to use their magic responsibly and follow Arcadian Law.


In Arcadia, Magic goes hand in hand with Technology. Whether technology is powered by Arcane or Natural magics. In more populated areas everyday devices, tools and locomotives are powered by Manatite. Although the use of this energy resource has proven hard to tame, as it sometimes causes strange things to happen to the powered objects. However, more and more uses are being found for this new mineral. In the Arcadian frontier, technology comes in a twist of nature magic, taught to the people by the aboriginals. Plows being pulled by walking tress, roads paved with rolling stone and transport granted from local serene wildlife.

Population: 3,800,000
Government: The Ministry of Arcadia
Capital: Tkaronto
Languages: American, Brittani, Franco
Religions: Church of Lux, Norca, Temple of Omnus
Alignment: Lawful Good
Organizations: First Nation Elves, University of Tkaronto, Noble Arcadian Mounties, Order of Mages
Character Bonus: Diplomacy +2, Arcana +2

Settlements and Features


Tkaronto is the capital of Arcadia, as well as the nations largest city. Tkaronto houses the nations government in the Seeing Tower, a large granite monolith that overlooks the city. The nations capital sees a lot of travelers, those who come from or are going to the frontier, those who seek to train the the Tkaronto University of Arcane Arts or those looking for a new life to live. These travelers often come from all over the globe, making the city a mixing pot of different races, religions and walks of life.

The city is dissected into five districts: Little Quin, the ethnic enclave, highly concentrated with Quinese immigrants and full of foreign trade stores. The Lakeside district, which is the wealthiest part of Tkarornto and home to a number of rich businesses. Downtown is home to the Tkaronto University of Arcane Arts as well as the Seeing Tower, this district acts as the central business district as well as the cities various public institutes. Also the Metro Portal Station can be found downtown as well. The York district houses the various theaters of the city as well as the city’s Wizard Derby Arena: The Magedome, home of the Tkaronto Arcane Argonauts. Roseville is the residential district of Tkaronto.

Tkaronto University of Arcane Arts

The Tkaronto University of Arcane Arts is a institution dedicated to the mysteries of the Arcane. Here students are trained in their respected schools of magic. Students are brought here the world over to hone their skills under the direction of the New Worlds finest Mages. Although students are taught to use magic with discretion, it is quite often that problems arise in the university. More often than that, these problem escape into the cities street and wreak havoc.

The Seeing Tower

The Seeing Tower is a massive stone monolith, made almost entirely out of granite. This large structure was here long before any settlers arrived, complete with halls and strange decor. During the growth of the city, the tower became more and more noticeable, as locals began to spread rumor that the large behemoth is possessed. These rumors became truth when Brittani Empire officials decreed the structure was to be removed. All attempts to destroy the tower were met with the spite of angry spirits.

It wasn’t until the Order of Mages offered tidings of peace to the spirits that they were allowed to use the building. And today people are allowed to visit, so long as they dont disturb any of the towers possessions lest they be possessed. Further study shows that the tower once belonged to the people of Atlantis but was not inhabited long. Whether the spirits are that of the Atlantians or that of the Aboriginals is still unknown.

The lower levels of the tower are used to house the Arcadian Government. The basement levels and the higher levels are off limits in respect to the towers spirits.

Rocky City

Rocky City is a large settlement carved into the side of the Rock Mountains. This city was founded by Germanic Dwarves seeking to mine out the mountain in search of valuable minerals. During the mining operation, settler from the east began joining their ranks. Once the Dwarves struck gold, a fever of wealth struck the town, and the population boomed a little overnight. Currently the local law enforcement are having trouble keeping the citizens under control, with miners feuding over one another over who rightfully gets their share and thieves wishing to steal some of the wealth for themselves.

The Frozen Tundra

The frozen Tundra is the permanent winter that resides in the north of Arcadia. Here there are very few settlements save for a handful of outposts. These lands are rich with archaic creatures, massive in size and dangerous in nature. The only few people who can survive these lands are the locals and a strong few of outsiders.

Rock Mountain Range

This mountain range reaches the bottom of the Frozen Tundra all the way down to the Baja Gulf in Mexikanos. In Arcadia the mountain range hides a number of lakes and forests, sheltered in by mountain walls. It is rumored that strange creature inhabit the higher altitude of the mountain.


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